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Giorno internazionale del popolo Rom
Di Fabrizio (del 07/04/2006 @ 08:56:31, in Kumpanija, visitato 2297 volte)

Mi sembra di ricordare, che questo fine settimana ci sia una scadenza importante () per un po' di gente in Italia. Sabato 8 aprile però è anche la ricorrenza del Giorno Internazionale del Popolo Rom
e visto che la Mahalla ha il suo zoccolo duro di lettori dall'estero, ecco un po' di appuntamenti per loro:

Bonjour à tous,

Les associations rroms « Rromani Baxt », « La Voix des Rroms », « Femmes rroms, sinté et kalé », AVER contre le racisme et « Ternikano Berno » vous invitent à la célébration de la Journée internationale rrom

Le samedi 8 avril
De 10 heures à 19 heures
A l'Institut Polytechnique Saint Louis à Cergy Pontoise
32, Boulevard du Port - Cergy
RER A, arrêt Cergy Préfecture

Au programme:
Musique, chants, expositions diverses, projection de films, lectures de morceaux choisis de la littérature rrom, prises de parole et discussion Possibilité de restauration et rafraîchissements sur place à des prix modiques

Venez nombreux!

Friday April 7th, 2006

7 pm Building open to public – café/bar opens
8 pm House lights dim
8.00 - 8.30 Romani Rad Music and Dance
8.30- 9.00 Brentwood Gypsy Support Group
“That’s all very Romantic - but ….” From India to Bentley
churchyard. ( with multi-media back projection)
“I want to go to School” 1811 - The story of Trinity Cooper:
“We want to go to School” 1967 – Hornchurch Airfield
“Up the Chimneys” Tribute to Charles Smith and Bob Reed by
Bernadette Reilly
The meaning of the Romani National Anthem: Anglo-European
School students, Abbie Southern and Berengere Ariaude

9.00 – 9.20 Interval

9..20 – 9.50 It’s a Cultural Thing – or is it? (Extracts)
By Michael Collins, with Michael Collins and Patricia
McCarthy, directed by Mick Rafferty. A personal journey
through childhood, and a view from the inside of the
stand made by Travellers forty years ago at Cherry Orchard in
Dublin, and today at Dale Farm, Basildon.
9.50 – 10.20 Romani Rad Finale, ending with Opre Roma

Tickets from Brentwood Theatre Box Office £9 (£7.50 conc.)
Telephone the Box Office on (01277) 200305 and pay by most credit or debit cards. There is no booking fee. For an optional charge of 40p your tickets will be posted to you, or else you may collect them from the Theatre's foyer in the 30 minutes before the performance commences. In person From the Information Centre 44 High Street (opposite WHSmith) open, Monday to Friday 9.30 – 12, 1- 400pm

Transport. Go to Brentwood and Warley Rail Station from Liverpool or Stratford Main Line Rail Stations. Brentwood Theatre would be around a £3 taxi ride, or a brisk 15 minute walk up Queen's Road.
Details of how to get there on http://www.brentwood-theatre.org/

Trains go back to Liverpool Street every 15 minutes or so up to 23.47 (which arrives Liverpool Street at 12.35) - After that it's the 4.42 on 8th April)

 Nous avons le plaisir de vous inviter à plusieurs évènements relatifs à la Journée de la Nation Roms à Gand (le samedi 8 avril à partir de 17 heures), à Bruxelles (le dimanche 9 avril à partir de 16 heures) et à Opwijk (le vendredi 14 avril à partir de 20h30).
 A Bruxelles en particulier, au Centre culturel "De Pianofabriek" situé rue du Fort 35 à 1060 Saint-Gilles (200 m de la Barrière de Saint Gilles), le programme est le suivant:
 - 20 h - "La Panica" - Fanfare Bulgare.
 - 18 h - "Roma Luca" - Présentation du CD "Andar o Brussel" - Roumanie
 - 16 h - "Ze kwamen uit het Oosten..." présentation de son livre par Wolf Staf Bruggen.
 Au plaisir de vous y rencontrer. Cordialement.
 Alain Verkindere, pour:
 Wolf Staf Bruggen
 Opré Roma ngo
 Tel : ++32 (0)484.962.264




Dear friends!
Gelem, gelem is here!
Gelem, gelem este aici!
i gili Gelem, gelem / gilabadi mandar / si kathe. Roden la!
Gheorghe Sarau