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Di Fabrizio (del 14/10/2005 @ 11:00:38, in scuola, visitato 1995 volte)

From: Liliya Brezina

Hello from Bulgaria,


I teach English at a primary (actually... Roma/Gypsy) school here. I'm looking for a colleague teaching similar age group for a non-formal exchange. As a first step I would like to exchange Christmas/New year's postcards. Each child could make a beautiful card and write a simple greeting on it. I will collect all of them and send a pack to the interested colleague, who could do the same.

`My' children are 8-9 years old. I'm teaching four groups, each about 20 kids. This is their second year studying English and their third year in school. We all have many difficulties, as some of them used to speak Roma/Gypsy language at home and then Bulgarian at school; You could imagine that learning English is a very difficult task.

We follow the Ron Holt's "BLUE SKIES for Bulgaria"'' - "Longman". The themes approximately are: Where are you from?; Possessions; Family; Food; In the kitchen; Likes and dislikes; Favours; Senses; Toys; Activities; Daily activities; Routines; Animals and food; Movement; Appearance; Health tips; Traffic rules; Famous places; Halloween; Christmas; Easter; National heroes;

I hope that suggestion sounds good to you and I'm open to new ideas as well. Any other advise is very welcome too. Thank you!

I'm sorry if this posting is off-the-topic, but I hope to find some colleagues with similar experience or/and support for my idea and work. Thank you.

Looking forward,